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Spinning Operator 12 hour Day Shift – Gildan

Spinning Operator 12 hour Day Shift – Gildan

Job Type:

Full Time



Posting End Date:

December 31, 2019

How to Apply:

          • In Person
          388 Gildan Drive Mocksville, NC 27028 Monday - Thursday at 1:00pm - OPEN INTERVIEWS

          Performs efficient machine operations for 2 spinning and 2 winding machines by:
          o Repair yarn breaks and red lights.
          o Remove lap-ups on spinning frame shafts cots and arbors as soon as noticed.
          o Clean out spinning frame waste chambers as needed and take the blue totes from the back to the evacuation chamber, do not carry the waste to the back wall.
          o Minimize spin waste. (Keeping ends up.)
          o Maintain expected machine efficiency. 92%
          o Only yellow flag spinning positions with mechanical problems.
          o Cycle spinning frames in proper amount of time required to give equal attention to idle spindles ( 15 to 20 minutes to cycle job )
          o Remove lint build up under suction tubes, use black brush.
          o Must be on job when Frame is doffing to piece up ends.
          o Use a spin bobbin to piece up at doff, put bobbin back when finished.

          o Standing and walking at a steady pace for 12 hour shifts minus assigned breaks.
          o Good hand & eye coordination and hand dexterity.
          o Reaching and reaching overhead to heights of 6’4” from the floor the majority of the shift.
          o Bending
          o Ability to lift ( 6 lbs. Without accommodation )
          Ability to work in cotton dust environment of 85 to 87 degrees Fahrenheit

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