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Precision Assembler – Ingersoll Rand

Precision Assembler – Ingersoll Rand

Job Type:

Full Time



Posting End Date:

November 30, 2022


          Performs all mechanical assembly operations of sub-assemblies and package assembly, all sensitive and very detailed assembly operations, some electrical, instrumentation and control elements of the package, and functional test set up including in-process quality checks and tests.
          Performs disassembly and rebuild of assemblies.
          Reads and interprets engineering drawings, specifications, assembly instructions, bills of material, and quality control documents.
          Takes responsibility for quality and work content performed in the applicable operation by signing off on the appropriate documentation prior to indexing to the next step in process.
          Ensures that all tools used in performing job duties are within calibration, as stated on calibration sticker. Where discrepancies arise, immediate notification of supervisor occurs.
          Performs job duties with limited supervision.
          Maintains clean, orderly, and safe work area and follow all safety rules and procedures.
          Identifies safety concerns and drives for successful resolution.
          Assists in the training of other department personnel as required.
          Uses problem solving skills (identify problems and respond correctly).
          Exhibits a high degree of manual dexterity with great attention to detail and workmanship.
          Use of calipers, dial, indicators, precision measuring devices down to .0001 of an inch
          Participates in departmental projects, as needed (ex. Lean initiatives, restructuring the cell layout, continuous improvement).
          And other assigned duties.

          Qualifications / Skills:
          Electrical experience is a plus (installing new electrical systems, wiring terminations, measuring / cutting / bending conduit & conduit installation).
          Pipe bending experience is a plus ( installing new fluid handling piping systems, measuring / cutting / bending & flaring stainless steel pipe from .25” – 1.5”).
          Strong problem solving skills (identify problems and respond correctly).
          Ability to read and interpret engineering drawings, specifications, assembly instructions, bills of material and quality control documents.
          Ability to use correct tooling, fixturing and equipment to perform work tasks to engineering specifications.
          Ability to function in a flexible team environment.

          Degree & Formal Training Required:
          High School Diploma or GED required.
          Formal training from technical or trade school is desired by not required. Two years mechanical assembly of mechanical equipment or equivalent technology.
          Minimum of one year experience with assembly of equipment requiring a high degree of precision

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