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Maintenance Technician – Gildan

Maintenance Technician – Gildan

Job Type:

Full Time



Posting End Date:

December 30, 2021

How to Apply:

  • Online
    • Phone
    (336) 753-8838

        Maintenance Technician Duties and Responsibilities
        Repair and Maintain Machinery: The Maintenance Technician is the first one called when a machine starts to malfunction. They are responsible for diagnosing the issue and making the corresponding repairs. They are also responsible for routine maintenance. They are quite literally the oil that keeps a machine running.
        Devise Preventative Measures to Avoid Machine Downtime: In addition to repairing malfunctions after the fact, Maintenance Technicians are responsible for devising maintenance plans that prevent malfunctions in the first place. They are also responsible for devising safety plans that comply with workplace safety laws. The better a Maintenance Technician performs this task, the more money their employer saves on repair costs.
        Troubleshoot Electrical Controls: Electronically controlled machines are great for efficiency, but they can be a nightmare when they break down. One of the Maintenance Technician’s duties is to troubleshoot problems with electrical controls. Those who have an affinity for these types of tasks often go on to become Electromechanical Technicians.
        Keep Meticulous Records of Machine Service History: This non-technical duty is one of the most important aspect of a Maintenance Technician’s job. They have to keep a meticulous service history in order to use this data to diagnose and address future issues. A meticulously service history can save a company time and money. These records are typically kept in a spreadsheet, so proficiency with spreadsheet software is a must.
        Analyze Machine Test Results and Make Adjustments to Meet Company Specifications: Sometimes a machine needs a small adjustment rather than a major repair. It is the Maintenance Technician’s responsibility to run diagnostic tests and make adjustments to make sure each machine is running at optimal performance. This typically involves using diagnostic software and complex problem-solving skills.

        Would prefer a least 2 years experience as a maintenance technician.

        Job Type: Full-time

        Pay: Starting at $16.75 per hour

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