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Innovation Center Manager – Palltronics, Inc

Innovation Center Manager – Palltronics, Inc

Job Type:

Full Time



Posting End Date:

May 31, 2022

How to Apply:

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          Position Title: Innovation Center Manager

          The Position
          The position is responsible for all operations for the Palltronics Innovation Center, located in Mocksville, NC. These operations include managing, designing, research and development, budgeting, and controlling the advancement of one of the most unique pallets in the world. Work closely with external and internal stakeholders to best deliver innovative pallet designs and continuous improvement ideas to Palltronics’ current pallet design:

          • Manage all Innovation Center operations. Direct a workforce of supervisors, engineers, and general labor associates.

          • Monitor and manage the assignment of manpower and equipment to meet Innovation Center operational needs.

          • Lead for Innovation Center changes, including meeting cost savings and all financial forecasts both monthly and yearly working with Finance.

          • Monitor, control, and design new and innovative changes to Palltronics current pallet design at the most cost effective and operationally efficient manner.

          • Supervise a staff of Supervisors and Engineers.

          The Ideal Candidate
          The ideal candidate will be a seasoned professional with approximately 12 plus years’ experience in either plastics/polyurea coatings or light manufacturing assembly processes with a strong track record of applying and building successful operational teams and methodologies. In addition to this experience, the ideal candidate will possess a bachelor’s degree in either Chemical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering. An advance degree is preferred, but not required. Priorities of the position include:

          • Chemical and/or Mechanical Engineering background. The ideal candidate will have a strong technical proficiency background in either Chemical or Mechanical Engineering. Most preferably, the candidate has a background in Polyurea/Polyurethane spray applications. This position also requires knowledge of product design/engineering.

          • Knowledge of Manufacturing Processes. The Innovation Center is the center of Palltronics advance manufacturing acumen. As a result, the successful candidate will have knowledge and background relating to world class manufacturing concepts and processes.

          • A Continuous Improvement Mentality. Given this position functions as the Research and Development for Palltronics, the model candidate has a proven track record of thinking out of the box and driving continuous improvement activity within an organization.

          • Leadership and organizational management skills. The successful candidate will have demonstrated the ability to set stretch goals, create and sustain energy and focus around business goals while continually identifying and cultivating key contributors. He or she must be a team player, supporting and promoting team accomplishments, with a proven ability to drive change and bring projects to fruition through influence and collaboration across a matrix organization in a highly fluid environment. This person will be seen throughout the organization as a model of integrity and ethical behavior.

          • Strong business acumen and results orientation. Given the complexity and dynamism of the pallet pooling business, the successful candidate will be one who can problem solve and deliver accurate, insightful information to key internal stakeholders. The ideal candidate is one who demonstrates strong verbal and written presentation skills with ability to take significant amounts of data and communicate major, meaningful insights to executive stakeholders and to potential Palltronics customers.

          • Strong intellect and sound judgment. The ideal candidate will be a person of stature who has the experience, intelligence, and self confidence that will engender trust and respect with all team members, both up, across, and down the chain of command.

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