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2nd Shift Logistics Assistant – DFA US, Inc.

2nd Shift Logistics Assistant – DFA US, Inc.

Job Type:

Full Time



Posting End Date:

February 15, 2022

How to Apply:

    • Email
        • In Person
        300 Bethel Church Road, Mocksville NC 27028

        The second shift logistics assistant is responsible incoming and outgoing shipments on second shift. Strong computer skills for this position is a must. Knowledge of law, regulations, and ISO requirements is preferred, but not required. The ability to work with little supervision and still correctly order paperwork is a must. Organizational skills are crucial, as there is a lot of paperwork in this position. Communication skills are a must to keep all team members aware of any issues with shipments and timing. Previous experience in working with advance shipment notices is required. This individual must be able stage outgoing shipments, which includes setting aside the correct number of freights to go out on the next shipments and labeling each container. Knowledge or experience in supply chain management software is preferred.
        The right hire for this position:
        – Has good communication skills
        – Is computer/tech savvy
        – Has the ability to stay on track in an environment that changes paces
        – Has background or knowledge of transportation laws and regulations
        – Has the ability to learn and retain information
        – Has flexibility in scheduling to cover first shift as needed

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